Cedar chest kit
Henrys Cedar Chest
We are under new management.  We have been building Cedar Chests for 29 years.
We keep 40 kits on hand.  By  Christmas Santa's Ozark Elves are ever so busy, so place  your orders soon.  Christmas will be here before you know it.
What could mean more special  to your loved ones than a Ozark Crafted gift put together lovingly . It is a gift that they will cherish forever. Cedar Chests  have long and rich history  dating back hundreds of years. In Ancient Egypt  the cedar chest was used to protect their golden treasures and keep important papyrus documents in prime condition. Cedar chests repel insects and fungus.
The Hope Chest signifies ‘hope for marriage’ and the promise of love and security. It is the vessel into which a bride will place all those things handed down from mother to daughter, as well as her own hopes and dreams. The Hope chest is also the traditional place for a bride to store her wedding dress to hand down to her daughters.


Each shoe rack come ready to put together with 24 screws for 75.00 and 40.00 shipping. They come in 36" 42" 48" X 14 wide and 24"tall

Screws will be drilled and counter sunk

  Each cedar chest kit  will come ready to be put together with 36 screws and 6 panels, comes with trim and legs, kiln dried for 220.00 and 75.00 Shipping, They are heavy. To order email me and let me know what you want and I will send you a credit card invoice. 10 % discount by sending check. when sending check make it out to Cedar Sawmill. They come in 36" 42" 48" X 19 tall 18" wide. They all cost the same. Any changes will be extra.
Cremation urns, in particular, can be used as cherished keepsakes and memorials. Cedar has a wonder fragrant odor.
We make a Double Cedar Urn so you loved ones can be together forever.
We also make a lovely single urn.
We have a smaller single urns for those that wish to divide the ashes.
The fragrant cedar urns also come with brass plate with all the pertinent information.
Knowing  that you loved ones will be surrounded by the lovely fragrance of cedar should be comforting.
Our urns are a hand crafted in the Ozark Mountains.
This is my mother Judy Blackwell, It is  25 year old urn

Shannon Fuller

5-19-61 to8-7-2015


Christmas Countdown

  100 % hand made in USA    1986/2015

cedar chest kit