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Cedar Bird House


Eastern Red Cedar





Small Cedar Hope chest


   Your feathered friends would love a cedar bird house because:
Cedar lasts year after year never needing painted unless you want it
Cedar is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
Cedar keeps insects out due to the aromatic cedar oil in the wood
Watching out for our fine feathered friends is important and you can place your bird house where you can easily watch them from a window or in a serenity garden where you sit and reflect.  Its a great idea to give them a bird bath and a cedar bird feeder too.
   The beauty of the cedar adds a very distinct color to your yard.  As it ages it still has that unique color and all you need to do to refresh it is lightly sand it.
   Cedar bird houses are picked over all other words due to its versatility, durability, and long lasting qualities.  Its really nice not to have to bring it in during the winter or have to maintain it every year.  You can leave your cedar bird house alone and not disturb the birds.


Hope for a bright future. In the Great Depression Hope is all that people had. It does not mater the size of cedar hope chest you have as long as you have one to put your hope in. In 1930 cedar chests of all sizes and shapes sprung out every where in the mid-west and eastern sea board....

Cedar Chest



With will and strength, the Cedar tree stands strong and mighty with faith, hope and strength. like our chests it stands up to the test of time. The cedar tree stays green year round making great shelter for the  animals.


Henry's Cedar chest We have been working with Cedar since 1986. I always  loved the fragrance and the colors in cedar. We are a very community  and nation minded company.


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