Cremation Urns made out of Eastern Red Cedar here in the Branson, Missouri USA. We are a small Cedar Chest and Cremation Urn company here in the Ozark mountains. Top of the line Cremation urns



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Small Cedar Urn up to 25 lbs 12.95

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Medium Cedar Urn up to 50 lbs 15.95

Cedar Bible Box

Large cedar Urn up to 100 lbs 16.95

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Ex Large Urn up to 200 lbs 18.95

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Medium Cedar Urn with Brass Lock 26.95

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Large Cedar Urn with Brass Lock 28.95


Ex Large Cedar Urn with Brass Lock 30.95

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Cedar Chest is the one thing we do best, We build hand crafted Cedar Hope Chest, Our Cedar Chests have proven to  withstand the test of time  We have built cedar chests for over 23 years cedar hope chest are the start of hope, There is nothing better than Cedar Chest for the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you are giving or receiving a Cedar Chest. It is a great gift for all occasions: Christmas, Graduation, Birthday or wedding. The gift of hope is the key word. Hope in the beginning of a new life or the keep sakes of memories, old photos, movies, and quilts.

Cedar Chest

 Quality hand crafted wooden cedar urns. proven with the test of time they stay looking beautiful after 20 or more years...

Wood Urn


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   Our wood pet cremation urns are made of durable, aromatic cedar from right here in the Ozarks.  Each one if fine crafted with quality workmanship and can be customized to your specifications, as well as designed.

   Cedar can withstand all types of weather and still be as sturdy as when it was built.  With age it can become even more beautiful.

   Whether you would like something designed for you or you have a design of your own in mind, we can produce exactly what you want for your beloved pet.

   We have always been pet lovers and have lost some throughout the years.  We wanted something very special for our pet as they gave us so much unconditional love when they were alive that we wanted a memorial tribute for them befitting our pet. 

   Our dog loved the water and held onto his frisbee at all times.  We though it only right that he be cremated and his frisbee laid to rest with him.  We also wanted a picture of him on the urn.  So often we pass by it and remember all the wonderful times together.

   Many of us were closer to our animals than any person.  Our pet was our family.  Why shouldn’t they be laid to rest with the same respect?  Honor the memory of your pet by giving it some thought as to what type of urn you would like.  Give us a call and we would be happy to serve you in your time of bereavement.vement.


Cremation Urn Front

Cedar Urn Side

Wood Urn Top

Pet Urn Bottom

Wholesale Cremation Urns

Cedar Chest Urn

With will and strength, There is nothing that does not go unused on the cedar tree. This is Eastern Red Cedar. the Cedar tree stands strong and mighty with faith, hope and strength. like our chests it stands up to the test of time. The cedar tree stays green year round making great shelter for the  animals. The cedar sawdust is put in barns and the slabs are made into cedar multch.



Henry's Cedar chest We have been working with Cedar since 1986. I always  loved the fragrance and the colors in cedar. We are a very community  and nation minded company. When you buy Cedar from us you are buying USA Made.



Cedar Lumber

We saw our own cedar lumber here in branson mo. the cedar lumber is at blue eye ar on the mo/ar state line on 21 south. our cedar lumber is number 1 and we can custom resaw the cedar lumber for you to the size you need. Eastern Red cedar grows hardy here. it is hard to log but we pay well for our cedar logs. We have gotten cedar logs that have come in for cedar lumber that was 48 inches across. we did not saw them for cedar lumber we sent them to china by boat. Eastern red cedar is what we work with most. we have been selling eastern red cedar lumber for 25 years. all over the USA and over seas. cedar lumber and cedar logs is some thing that just gets in to your blood. it is like farming. you can come by my house and you will not find a new car or a new house. but you will find a lot of love in the family and for the work with eastern red cedar. we have built every thing out of cedar lumber at one time or the other.

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