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Free Cedar Chest Plans


Eastern Red Cedar

  36 inch cedar chest kit

135.00 +S&H


42 inch chest kit

155.00 + S&H


Cedar Chest Kit

Predrilled and Sanded

46 inch chest kit

165.00 + S&H


Cedar Chest Kit


Comes with all hardware

Step One- First, you'll need to build the base of the cedar hope chest. To do this, you'll need four pieces of two by two wood; two for the length, and two for the width. Lay the piece out into a rectangle, and then use wood screws to secure the corners together. Then, measure and cut a board to cover the entire top of the base. Use additional wood screws to fasten this board onto the base.


Step Two- Decide how tall the sides of your cedar hope chest are going to be. Measure and cut two pieces for the front and two pieces for the sides. Starting with the front pieces, you can use a band saw to cut out a long, half-circle shape in the middle of the pieces, about two inches up from the bottom. Or, you can use a pencil to mark out your own fancy design on the wood. Do the same with the sidepieces, and then cut the half-circle, or your own design, out with a band saw.


Step Three- On the inside of each front and sidepiece of wood, lay a ruler at the top of the half-circle or design. Use a pencil to mark a straight line all the way across each piece of wood. These lines will give you a guide so you know where to attach the base of the hope chest. Line up the base to the lines on the front wood piece, and then use wood glue to secure them together. You'll probably need to clamp the two pieces together until the glue dries. Repeat this process with the back and two sidepieces.


Step Four- While you're waiting for the wood glue to dry, you'll need to measure and cut a piece of wood for the top of the cedar hope chest.


Step Five- Before you proceed with following these free plans, you should sand and stain the cedar chest first. You'll need to stain the outside, plus, both sides of the top. Use a good-quality stain, and follow the manufacturer's directions on the container in order to achieve the best results. It would be a good idea to follow the coats of stain with a couple coats of clear finish. Allow the stain and clear finish to dry thoroughly before you move onto the next step.


Step Six- Line up the top of the cedar hope chest to the base, and then attach it by using a pair of brass hinges. Then, either use cedar wood and glue, or a thin cedar lining, to line the entire inside of the hope chest.


Finally, you can add a small key lock on the outside, along with handles on the sides, if you wish, to complete your new cedar hope chest.


Cedar Chest

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Small Cedar Hope chest



Hope for a bright future. In the Great Depression Hope is all that people had. It does not mater the size of cedar hope chest you have as long as you have one to put your hope in. In 1930 cedar chests of all sizes and shapes sprung out every where in the mid-west and eastern sea board....

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With will and strength, the Cedar tree stands strong and mighty with faith, hope and strength. like our chests it stands up to the test of time. The cedar tree stays green year round making great shelter for the  animals.


Henry's Cedar chest We have been working with Cedar since 1986. I always  loved the fragrance and the colors in cedar. We are a very community  and nation minded company.


Special Cedar Item's


 We make custom make wooden wall plaques out of cedar. We make both 4 and 6 inch wide and 8, 10, 12 and 14 inch long cedar chests. We can screen print most any thing you would like on them. Let us know if you would like the hanger on them or not....

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 This is a very nice cedar shelf. We make them from 16 inch to 48 inch 6 inches wide. We can custom make what you would like...

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 Quality hand crafted wooden cedar urns. proven with the test of time they stay looking beautiful after 20 or more years...

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 Wooden Cedar Shadow Boxes are a great place for all your nick nacks and what nots We make them from 4 inches by 16 inches to 48 inches by 48 inches...

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